Choosing a Monument for Our Great-Grandparent’s Grave

My great-grandmother was one to always be prepared. She had all of her ducks in a row for that day she knew would eventually come. She lived to almost 100. She made all the arrangements for her own funeral back when she buried our great-grandfather. She said she did not want anyone arguing over the arrangements. However, she did leave the choice of the monument to the family. She never put up a headstone for Gramps. She said we could put one up after she was gone. We were looking at monuments in Newark NJ we thought were fitting for our great-grandparents. My grandparents and parents left it to us to make the choice.

We must have looked at hundreds of different designs including stones that are etched with lasers to show images and pretty much anything you might want on the memorial monument. My cousin was the professional writer in the family, and she took what we wanted to say and made it perfectly professional. We wanted something that was elegant and tasteful. Something that would demonstrate how much our great-grandparents were truly loved by all of us.

My grandparents and parents approved of our final design. We picked a stunning reddish granite stone and had it laser-etched with the wedding portrait of our great-grandparents. We made a poem that described their lives in brief prose. It was tasteful and concise. We wanted people who saw the stone to know who our great-grandparents were to all of us. Designing that monument brought us all a little bit closer together. The team project went well with no arguments or hard feelings. Everything just clicked among us, and we were able to quickly agree on a perfect design. We went back and visited the grave after the stone monument was installed. It was a beautiful moment we shared and still talk about today.


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