Being Prepared for the Worst

My friends thought I was crazy for creating a bomb shelter in my backyard, but if there’s a case where I’ll need to use it, they’ll won’t be laughing. To make the shelter, I looked at the design of reinforced concrete and steel buildings. I wanted to make something that would survive a blast while being able to keep out any harmful materials. The shelter also has enough space for an entire family to live in, along with enough food and water to last for 10 years. I hope I never have to use it, but with the way the world is going today, I wouldn’t rule it out.

Even if a bomb never comes, I can still use the shelter for those times when the power goes out. Since the shelter is stocked with food, I can eat it and not have to worry about going to the store when the roads are iced over. Many years ago there was a snow storm in the city where I live. The roads were frozen with ice, and the stores had been entirely cleaned out by people who wanted to have food and water. The power went out for a few days and everyone wore multiple layers in an attempt to stay warm. I didn’t have a fireplace, so I covered myself in blankets.

There are a lot of people across the country who prepare for worst case scenarios. Some of them even prepare for fictional scenarios, such as the event of a zombie attack. There are no such things as zombies, but there are plenty of crazy people out there who like to take some dangerous substances and perform violent acts. If I can make my way to the shed when this happens, I can wait there until the police arrives.


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