A Thriving Art Area in Toronto

Our daughter has been an artist since she could hold a crayon. We noticed early on her eye for design, and she learned how to draw in perspective by the time she was seven. She likes to see the art of other people, and that is why she picked an apartment in the Junction area in Toronto to live in. It is an arts community with a new museum that is opening up that made international news. My wife and I are not into art at her level of experience, but we can appreciate it on many levels. I can now even appreciate looking at a Picasso whereas before I thought it was just the visual musings of a guy who could not draw or paint.

Our daughter has a way of teaching the meanings of art to those who do not have an appreciation for the different styles. She pointed out that most everyone has some sort of artistic design they appreciate. It can be as far flung as a farmer who enjoys the symmetry of his cornfields to a rifle maker that engraves his designs. Our daughter helps people learn what they appreciate in art and then helps foster an interest in them to see more of it. For some, she shows them their natural ability in creating the forms of art that they like. Her being able to live in the hub of an art community with such a magnificent museum right there is what she has dreamed of since she was a little girl.

I am glad that she found a place that was affordable to her and right where she wants to live. She has an apartment in a building that was restored. The exterior maintains a great deal of its historic look and flair, and the interior has been brought up to the latest building codes and has all the latest technological advancements you want in an apartment. Her place is really nice, and she has a studio space too.


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